I have worked in the early childhood field professionally since 1996 serving families from pre-conception/adoption/fostering through the transition to elementary school. My roles have included teacher, student, home visitor, play therapist, policy analyst, researcher, supervisor, child care consultant, and child-parent psychotherapist. I have a Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Michigan with a concentration in Interpersonal Relationships with Children & Youth in Families & Society. I also have a Bachelor’s degree from Carleton College in French with a concentration in Educational Studies. I have worked in community mental health centers, human service and educational organizations. I work collaboratively with school districts, dependency courts, neurodevelopmental centers, the Department of Social and Health Services and other organizations. I have helped to develop and implement innovative programming in two communities to further the mental health of young children in families and communities. I am a parent, partner, sister, godparent, daughter and auntie. In these roles, I humbly learn personally about a lot of the things I also learn about professionally. I have personal yoga and mindfulness meditation practices that inform my work.